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PSP: Gaya Mahasiswa
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PG-13 - Watch PSP: Gaya Mahasiswa 2019 Full Movie Online Streaming Free [Legal Streaming] Click Here To Watch Full Movie Now Watch PSP: Gaya Mahasiswa online free available in the USA & WorldWide. Hate paying for movies? We love movies and we love them even more if they are free. #1 source of free movies Monos, Rojali, Ade, Andra, Adit, Dindin, James, and Omen are students who are crazy, ignorant, but cool in music and are members of the OM Pancaran Sinar Petromaks (PSP). They are always agree in all matters, but in romance they make bets, as do Rojali, Monos and Ade. Ade has fallen in love with Fatima, a beautiful and sexy boarding house nanny. Dindin, Andra, and Adit are the trouble maker. They like to make pranks on campus so they are subject to sanctions for dropping out. They are shocked by the case of robber. This case developes into a hoax, which involved their college friends. Omen and James are moved to investigate this case with the help of PSP friends.

Title:PSP: Gaya Mahasiswa
Release:Jan 31, 2019
Runtime:1h 36m
Stars:Uus, Adjis Doaibu, David John Schaap, Dimas Danang, Imam Darto, Abdur Arsyad, Boris Bokir, Wira Nagara, Aura Kasih, Iang Darmawan, Elma Agustin, Rebecca Tamara, Valerie Krasnadewi, Veronika Krasnasari, Aufa Assegaf, Cathy Fakandi, Rayhan Fa, Ence Bagus, TJ, Dodit Mulyanto

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